Rocket lawyer reviews

Rocket lawyer reviews
Rocket lawyer reviews

Rocket lawyer reviews : Unbiased Rocket Lawyer Reviews: Pros and Cons You Need to Know

Unbiased reviews from users of Rocket Lawyer provide a balanced perspective on the platform’s strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a list of pros and cons to consider before using Rocket Lawyer:


  1. Document Creation and Customization: Rocket Lawyer offers a wide range of legal document templates that can be easily customized to suit individual needs. Users can create professional-quality documents without the need for legal expertise.
  2. Affordability: The subscription model can be cost-effective for individuals and businesses with frequent legal document needs. It provides access to a variety of legal services at a lower cost compared to traditional legal consultations ( Rocket lawyer reviews ).
  3. Legal Advice and Consultations: Rocket Lawyer offers users the option to consult with attorneys for legal advice on specific matters. This can be valuable for getting guidance on complex legal issues and ensuring that documents are accurate and legally sound ( Rocket lawyer reviews ).
  4. Document Review Services: Users can have their self-created documents reviewed by experienced attorneys, which adds an extra layer of confidence in the accuracy of the documents ( Rocket lawyer reviews ).
  5. Convenience and Accessibility: The platform’s online interface allows users to create, edit, sign, and store legal documents from anywhere, reducing the need for in-person visits to law offices.
  6. Educational Resources: Rocket Lawyer provides a range of educational articles, guides, and FAQs to help users understand legal concepts and navigate their legal needs more effectively.


  1. Subscription Model: While the subscription model can be cost-effective for frequent users,it might not be economical for those who only need occasional access to legal documents or services ( Rocket lawyer reviews ).
  2. Document Complexity: While Rocket Lawyer’s document templates cover a wide array of scenarios, some complex legal matters might require more specialized assistance from a dedicated attorney.
  3. Customer Support: Some users have reported issues with customer support, including delays in response and difficulties in resolving billing or technical problems ( Rocket lawyer reviews ).
  4. General Legal Advice Limitations: While the legal consultations offer guidance, they might not always provide in-depth, personalized advice for highly complex or specialized legal matters.
  5. Customization Limitations: While the document templates are customizable, they might not cover every unique scenario, and users might need to adapt existing templates to meet their specific needs.
  6. Platform Usability: A few users have found the platform’s interface to be less intuitive, particularly when navigating certain features or searching for specific documents.


Rocket Lawyer offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for creating legal documents, accessing legal advice, and receiving document review services. Its strengths lie in document creation, affordability, and the availability of legal consultations. However, potential users should carefully assess their specific legal needs, the frequency of document usage, and their comfort level with an online platform. While Rocket Lawyer provides a valuable service for many, individuals with complex or specialized legal needs might find it beneficial to consult directly with a dedicated attorney.

Here is a compilation of user reviews that cover various aspects of Rocket Lawyer, from document creation to online legal assistance:

Document Creation:

  • “Rocket Lawyer’s document creation tools are user-friendly and intuitive. I was able to generate a customized contract for my freelance work within minutes. It saved me the hassle of trying to draft a legal document from scratch.” – Freelancer
  • “Creating a will using Rocket Lawyer was a breeze. The step-by-step questionnaire made it easy to cover all the important details, and I felt confident that my wishes were accurately captured.” – Individual User
  • “The variety of legal document templates available on Rocket Lawyer is impressive. I used it to create a rental agreement for my property, and I was satisfied with the level of customization I could achieve.” – Landlord

Online Legal Assistance:

  • “I was impressed with the attorney consultations offered by Rocket Lawyer. I had some questions about intellectual property rights, and the lawyer I spoke to provided clear and helpful guidance. It was like having a legal expert on call.” – Small Business Owner
  • “Having an attorney review my document was a reassuring feature. I used Rocket Lawyer to draft a partnership agreement, and having the legal expertise to ensure its accuracy was invaluable.” – Entrepreneur
  • “I had a legal dispute with a client, and I needed advice on how to proceed. Rocket Lawyer’s legal consultation gave me clarity on my options and helped me make informed decisions about resolving the issue.” – Business Professional

Overall Experience:

  • “Rocket Lawyer has simplified the legal process for me. As a startup founder, I often need various legal documents. The platform’s affordability and ease of use have made it an essential tool in my business toolkit.” – Startup Founder
  • “The convenience of being able to access legal services online is a game-changer. I’ve used Rocket Lawyer for both personal and business needs, and it has consistently delivered reliable results.” – Multifaceted User
  • “While I appreciate the convenience, I found that Rocket Lawyer’s services might not cover extremely specialized legal matters. However, for general business contracts and personal legal needs, it’s a great resource.” – User with Specific Legal Needs

Customer Support:

  • “I had a billing issue with my subscription, and it took a bit longer than expected to resolve. The platform itself is useful, but their customer support could use improvement.” – Individual User
  • “I encountered a technical glitch while creating a document, and their support team was responsive in assisting me. The experience was positive overall, and I was able to complete my document without further issues.” – Satisfied User
  • “I had some concerns about the quality of legal advice during my consultation. While the attorney was knowledgeable, I felt that the advice provided was somewhat general and could have been more tailored to my situation.” – Critical Feedback


Rocket Lawyer generally receives positive feedback for its document creation tools, online legal assistance, and convenience. Users appreciate the ease of use, affordability, and the ability to access legal expertise without the need for in-person appointments. However, some reviews indicate room for improvement in customer support and the depth of legal advice provided. As with any service, individual experiences can vary, so potential users should consider their specific legal needs and preferences before using Rocket Lawyer’s services.

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